carl sagan: a demon hounted world


Atheism and skepticism

Atheists, non-believers and skeptics, in general, enjoy discussions and love to argue the finer points of life. In many cases, it is what makes them atheists, skeptics and non-believers. They question things other people take for granted or simply do not have the patience or the time to investigate for themselves. It is one of the reasons so many scientists are identified as atheists, although they themselves would not necessarily take on that label – not because they don’t agree with it, its just that many scientists do not spend enough time on discussing religion or devote sufficient enough time to the study of human myths to even care to identify one way or another. But they are deeply, passionately curious about their fields of study. So are atheists devoted to the study of “what is out there”.


Science and naturalism

Although many skeptics may not be scientists, they are never the less, intensely curious about the world. About life. About existence. About meaning. The difference between religious people and non-believers is atheists, in general, do not accept on face value the bald assertions of other people about the existence of deities. What we simply say, regardless of our individual beliefs, is as atheists, we do not believe your assertion that you know gods exist. We want proof and if you cannot provide the proof needed, or if your god does not bother to provide proof, which would convince us of his or her existence, then we, as atheists, will continue to refuse to believe your claims.