S3: 1 Season 3 Introduction

S3: 2 US Constitution and religion

S3:3 Religion and US Politics P1

S3:4 Religion and US Politics P2

S3:5 The Moral Majority & Jerry Fartwell

S3:6 Richelieu and the Sun King

S3:7 Henry VIII

S3:8 The Ottoman Califate 

S3:9 Dueling Popes

S3:10 Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin

S3:11 Martin Luther – The Protestant Reformation

S3:12 The Inquisition (Part 1) Spain

S3:13 The Inquisition (Part 2) Vatican

S3:14 Mysticism and the Vikings

S3:15 Divine lineage

S3:16 Rulers as living gods - Mesopotamia

S3:17 Rulers as living gods - Egypt

S3:18 Rulers as living gods – China and Japan



S3:21 OPEN

S3:22 OPEN

S3:23 Political Movements around religious figures

S3:24 Political Movements around religious figures

S3:25 Special guest 

S3:26 Special guest 

S3:27 Special guest 

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